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2020 is Finally Coming to a Close!

You’ve fought hard for your organizations and communities this year. And you’re exhausted. But don’t let the progress driven by your Herculean efforts creep backwards. We can help you!

Capture what you’ve learned.
Check on your organization’s health.
And start planning for your great reset in 2021.

Out of energy? Out of ideas? Can’t lead one more planning/strategy/cheerleading meeting?

We will bring you energy, a productive agenda, clarity and yes, some fun and emotional relief. We will help you make sense of the insanity of 2020 and begin to chart a brighter 2021.

We are facilitating team meetings on:

  • 2020 Debrief: What You’ve Learned and How It Makes You Stronger
  • 2021: Prepping for Your Great Reset & Recovery
  • Team Alignment: Getting Past Crisis and On the Same Page
  • Virtual Board Retreat

We are also conducting our insightful Organizational Health Check-ins. You will learn how 2020 has impacted your organization, where you are struggling, and make a plan to rebuild your health and prepare for a brighter 2021.

Reach us at with questions. We can help you determine what will be most valuable for your organization.