Our Focus

We are people experts who help organizations grow, get unstuck, or move through transitions successfully.

Significant Growth

Leadership Transition

Organizational Malaise

  1. Growth is exciting. It can also place enormous strain on your organization.

    We help minimize disruption and maximize progress. Using our proprietary People Strategy Imperatives framework, we immerse ourselves in your company’s culture to identify the people-related areas that are aiding and impeding your growth and develop a customized Growth Profile for your company.

    Using our Growth Profile, we work with you to design a strategy for leveraging your people to scale successfully. This People Strategy becomes your roadmap for successfully growing.

  1. It’s a short honeymoon for a new CEO.

    Whether it’s your first time in the top office or you are a seasoned veteran, when you take the helm of a new company you face a steep learning curve and high expectations. It is essential to start off on the right foot understanding your culture and how to allocate your human resources.

    We work with new CEOs to:

    • Quickly establish trust and credibility
    • Get up to speed on the organization and how it functions
    • Establish their vision
    • Identify and communicate strategic priorities
    • Build a cohesive leadership team
    • Identify quick wins
    • Drive results through people
  1. People are the key accelerator to success or its greatest impediment.

    If your people are not performing at their highest potential, the business isn’t either. Turnover, low morale, or toxicity in the culture are symptoms of an organization that is not well. It is not always clear what is causing the organization to stall – or nobody is willing to talk about the real issues.

    Using our proprietary People Strategy Imperatives framework, we conduct an Organizational Health Assessment to gather data and surface key issues. Through our human resources and executive management experience, we are able to discover issues lying deep beneath the surface. We help leadership put tough organizational issues on the table and work through them constructively.

  1. We promote greater results for the greater good.

    With a trained eye on sustainability, nonprofit leaders must be even more strategic with how to deploy resources to drive results. Nonprofits cannot afford to waste time or funds on poor performance, team dysfunction, a disengaged Board, or a lack of clear vision.

    We work with nonprofit leaders to:

    • Scale for growth
    • Build a sustainable business model
    • Strengthen Board engagement
    • Plan for leadership succession
    • Overcome organizational malaise