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How’s Your Organization’s Heart Rate?

My father has always been incredibly healthy and super fit. His heart rate has been naturally so low all of his life that we were shocked when he needed a pace maker. He had started suffering chronic exhaustion and brain fog: his heart was strong, but a virus had likely set the electrical system off course and he wasn’t circulating enough oxygen consistently. If he hadn’t asked his physician to check him out, it could have been dire. But the guy who’s always had an incredible pulse rate, went in to have his pulse checked.

This year, a virus has attacked the world leaving a wake of devastation that has impacted every corner of our communities and organizations. There is further to go – we’re not yet out of the woods and we’re not close to recovery. But as 2020 comes to a close, it’s important to create time to check the pulse of your organization.

2021 brings an opportunity to reset and recover, but you’ll need energy and brain power: everyone on your team needs ample oxygen.

To take the pulse of your organization ask everyone on your team to:

  • Share what they are most proud of from 2020.
  • Rate (from 1-10) their current level of anxiety. And then follow up with whether that is higher or lower than this summer.
  • Rate (from 1-10) their current level of energy.
  • Rate (from 1-10) how well they feel the organization has supported them during this crisis.
  • Share their 3 biggest motivators right now.
  • Share their 3 biggest distractions right now.
  • Share what the organization can do to help them feel more energized.
  • Share what the organization can improve upon to help them be successful.

Discuss what you hear in a team meeting: ask everyone how they would describe the health of your organization based on the responses. Where are the consistencies or themes? What do the differences in some perspectives tell you? What can you prioritize to get healthier and how will you tackle those 2-3 priorities?

As I wrote in my last blog, now is the time to get healthy so you can reset and recover as an organization. Start with taking the pulse. And then develop strategies to get more oxygen flowing.

And of course, we can help you chart a course to organizational health with our Organizational Health Assessment including pulse check surveys, interviews and facilitation. We bring you clarity and insights, and turn tough conversations into energizing, productive ones (yes, energy even at the end of 2020). Email me at