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Significant Growth

Leadership Transition

Organizational Malaise

Nonprofit Leadership

Building Out HR Function to Keep Up With Growth.

A national supplier of industrial gases had quickly doubled in size and dramatically increased their geographic footprint. The company needed to grow their support structures—including the Human Resources function—to keep pace with the business growth. PeopleCap was engaged to design a new HR function to support the growth. We surveyed employees, interviewed key stakeholders, and hosted focus groups in multiple geographies to help leadership understand the needs for HR. We then helped the leaders reimagine the HR function – including a strategic, talent development role in addition to the historical more transactional role of HR. We designed an HR function aligned with the high touch family culture of the company. In addition, we developed a prioritized 12-month plan for HR initiatives for the incoming team to hit the ground running.

Acquisition Integration Hangover Relief.

A publicly-traded company acquired an organization nearly half of its size, and there were significant issues from efforts to blend the two cultures. The need to quickly show operational efficiency and increased profitability for shareholders pushed the people aspects of the acquisition to the back-burner, and almost two years after the acquisition, significant discord remained – straining relationships, lowering morale, and impeding the company from realizing the full potential of the acquisition. PeopleCap was engaged to identify the root causes of the discord and develop solutions.

PeopleCap uncovered that employees perceived leadership was departing from its culture and was losing touch with the employees as the company grew – both of which were contrary to leadership’s intentions and perceptions. We worked with the Executive Leadership team to develop a prioritized People Strategy for addressing the people challenges while achieving their business goals. We have remained as a strategic advisor and implementation partner as the company has executed the strategy.

Culture Impedes New Strategy.

A fifth-generation, family owned telecom business hired a new President to take the company to the next level. Armed with substantial experience in growing businesses, the new President pursued new revenue channels and business strategies. These efforts were met with significant resistance as morale among long-tenured employees plummeted, and many highly valued employees quit. PeopleCap was asked to identify the cause of the tension and help leadership get people on board. Through interviews, survey and focus groups, we discovered that the resistance was not, in fact, the result of long-tenured change averse employees. Instead, we found that the new strategies were in direct conflict with the organizational culture. Additionally, the company was not structured to support the new strategy. As a result, the new strategies weren’t gaining traction. PeopleCap helped executive leadership understand how to meet their objectives through culturally congruent strategies and execute on the needed business changes to support the desired growth.

Turnover Symptomatic of Deeper Issues.

A high growth healthcare startup was experiencing upwards of 40% annual turnover, making it hard for them to gain as much traction as they wanted or see the full benefit of the significantly positive moves they had made – particularly in building a high-performing leadership team and improving the hiring process. Investors and board members were concerned about the turnover, but did not know the cause. PeopleCap was hired to investigate the cause of the turnover, provide concrete information to the board, and help solve the problem. We interviewed a diverse cross-section of executive leaders, managers, and employees across the company and studied exit interview data. We discovered that while some minor improvements could be made in the recruitment, hiring, and orientation processes, that there were deeper issues and employee perceptions that were driving the turnover. PeopleCap provided clarity on the root causes and developed a specific, concise, and actionable People Strategy for elevating performance and addressing turnover.

New Direction Calls for New Structure.

A massive capital project and the addition of a substantial new line of earned revenue were the catalyst for rapid growth for a nonprofit. This entrepreneurial nonprofit needed a growth staffing plan and new organizational structure to support their new direction. PeopleCap worked with the staff to catalog existing skills and responsibilities and identify gaps where new skills and responsibilities would be needed. We re-defined some existing roles, re-purposed other roles, and created new positions to fill major gaps. We worked with the Executive Director to expand her leadership team and restructure the organization so that it was better aligned with the new strategic objectives and more agile to scale and manage the coming growth.

Getting Focused Puts Organization Back on Track.

Derailed from their strategic plan by factors outside of their control, this small nonprofit needed to reclaim their aspirational vision, re-engage their board and develop a strategic plan. PeopleCap was hired to facilitate a board retreat and help the board and leadership establish strategic pillars for the coming year. Prior to the retreat, we interviewed board and staff members to identify common priorities as well as conflicting interests needing to be surfaced and addressed. We facilitated a board retreat and helped the board define key priorities, adopt an accountability structure for board engagement around the key priorities, and renew their energy for the coming year.

Accelerated Success for First Time CEO

PeopleCap was hired to help a national retailer navigate a leadership transition when they hired an internal candidate to ascend to the CEO role. Though he had spent many years at the company, the first-time CEO was keen to start his tenure by listening to employees and understanding the factors driving the company’s culture and performance before attempting to implement his vision or make any major changes. PeopleCap conducted the first-ever inventory of company culture, providing the CEO with concrete data on which to base decisions. With this cultural foundation, we worked with the CEO and leadership team to develop a new vision and values for the company. We remained engaged as a strategic advisor and thought partner for over a year to work through issues including restructuring the leadership team, hiring key executives, changing the format and content of Board Meetings, and managing the complexities of the Board.

Board’s Proactive Planning Aids Success of New CEO.

Preparing for departure of a long-tenured leader, PeopleCap was hired by the board to assess the future direction of the organization, explore the factors that were helping – and hindering – the organization’s performance, and assess the needs for the next leader. PeopleCap was brought in as a partner to determine what traits were needed in the next leader based on current culture, help shorten the learning curve of the new leader, and help manage the reaction to such a significant transition. PeopleCap engaged the key internal and external stakeholders to identify the skills, traits, and leadership style needed to be successful going forward. PeopleCap analyzed the current culture and the factors impacting performance; developed a summary for the board and new CEO; designed a prioritized transition plan, identifying potential quick wins and landmines for the new CEO. When the new CEO was hired, PeopleCap worked closely with him to calibrate his business plan and the culture of the organization.