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Leading in Uncertain Times

We are facing uncertain times, for sure. There are a lot of questions we simply don’t have answers to. There is a lot of stress.

There is also a lot to feel really good about within the nonprofit community – in fact, it’s filling my heart and making we want to scream the rest of this post from the rooftops!

I’m seeing leadership; in the form of proactive decision making, thoughtful and clear messaging, action to solve real problems for real people, and not surprisingly, great consideration for the wellbeing of all. Nonprofits are taking a stand for their communities, their teams, and society as a whole.

Organizations such as our friends at MIFA, the Mid-South Food Bank, and so many others, work tirelessly every day to ensure our social fabric remains tightly woven and to uphold and live into the best values of our nation. This past week, rather than slowing operations, they have run toward the need and ramped up their efforts with great concern for the health and wellbeing of our entire society.

The nonprofit community is often full of our unsung heroes. Today, their heroic efforts are keeping us all safer by ensuring those who need help most receive it. The rest of us can pitch in and support these organizations with financial donations and volunteer efforts.

I am overwhelmed with pride for the nonprofit community and my many friends who are not sitting still, who are making strategic choices to serve us all in the best way possible, and who are stitching the necessary bindings within our communities to minimize the damage caused by this virus and the fallout it has caused.

Thank you all who serve a mission on behalf of all of us.

This post was inspired by great messages and actions from: MIFA, Mid-South Food Bank, YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South, BRIDGES, CityCURRENT, Overton Park Conservancy, and many more!