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Meg Crosby excited to partner with SSM

PeopleCap is pleased to announce that Co-Founder & Principal Meg Crosby has been asked to serve as an Operating Partner of Memphis-based SSM Partners, a growth equity investment firm focused exclusively on software, services and healthcare.  Adding Meg’s experience and expertise to the advisory council reflects the significant value SSM and its portfolio companies place on their people, leaders, and culture.

Meg is excited for PeopleCap to be an official partner of SSM, and is proud to work with both SSM and their portfolio companies.

Meg is a veteran executive of high-growth companies with over 25 years of experience. As a Principal & Co-Founder of PeopleCap she advises high-growth companies on matters related to people strategy, culture and the pressures of rapid growth. Prior to forming PeopleCap, Meg worked at Google on the human resources team from 2003 through 2009. While at Google, Meg led people-related due diligence as a part of multi-functional teams on over 35 acquisitions around the globe. Meg joined Google through its acquisition of Applied Semantics, a high-growth technology company based in southern California that today operates as Google AdWords. From 1995 to 1999, she managed undergraduate recruiting for the Credit Suisse investment banking analyst program and was later the Chief Staffing Officer for the East Coast Industrials Group. Over the course of several years, Meg has provided guidance to several SSM portfolio companies and currently serves on the board of SSM portfolio company Kukui.

“Many of our portfolio companies have yet to build a scalable or strategic HR function,” said Hunter Witherington, SSM Partner. “Meg helps them define a people strategy so that as they scale, they can hire and retain talented team members while maintaining the culture that made them successful as a young startup.”

Meg is excited to join SSM’s Operating Partner team. She’s spent the bulk of her career working inside high-growth, technology-driven organizations and understands the importance of retaining talent and maintaining culture as a young company scales.  The SSM team understands that people strategy is crucial to the success of their companies. Having the chance to help entrepreneurs be successful is a privilege for Meg.

“Meg is a special talent. She has the ability to assess the flow of communication in a young company, predict sources of friction during times of rapid growth and aid leaders as they build strong and capable teams. We’re elated that she’s joining our team.” said Casey West, SSM Managing Partner.

About SSM Partners:

SSM invests $8-30 million in rapidly growing software, service and healthcare companies. The growth equity firm, which invests nationally and is based in Memphis, Tennessee, has partnered with talented entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Starting with a relationship built on trust, SSM makes minority and majority equity investments and offers its entrepreneur-partners a thorough understanding of the growth company lifecycle and a collaborative approach to building great businesses. For more information, please visit

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To learn more about SSM, please visit The typical SSM investment has the following characteristics:

  • Equity capital need of $8-30 million, minority or majority positions
  • Revenue of $5-$50 million with 20%+ growth rate
  • Approaching profitability or profitable
  • Software, services, and healthcare companies
  • Growth financings and recapitalizations