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We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! We say that this year with greater excitement and anticipation than ever before. 2020 brought lots of change, and 2021 is bringing lots of new beginnings in the world, our community, and within PeopleCap.

Last summer, with very mixed emotions, we waved goodbye to Katie Spencer and her family as they moved permanently to the Chicago area. As many of you know, Katie has led our non-profit practice for the past several years and has directed her boundless energy and strategic mind toward helping countless non-profit leaders and Boards strengthen their organizations.

As PeopleCap’s work with high growth companies continues to grow, so has our non-profit practice. Katie’s move to Chicago has provided a natural opportunity to separate the two.

It is with great anticipation and enthusiasm that we introduce you to Katie’s new venture, Joy of Leading! ( Through Joy of Leading, Katie will continue her focus of serving non-profit leaders and organizations, including in Memphis. PeopleCap will now focus exclusively on our work with high growth companies. We all believe – as we often tell our clients – that will be stronger by sharpening our focus.

We could not give a stronger endorsement to Katie and Joy of Leading. If you haven’t worked with Katie yet, talk to any of the organizations she has served, and you will understand our excitement about this endeavor.

Though we’re setting off on separate paths PeopleCap and Joy of Leading will continue to further our common mission of elevating organizations and empowering leaders. Let us know how we can help you in 2021!