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People Drive Results

People drive results. They are the key ingredient for achieving nonprofit mission impact or its greatest impediment. If people are not performing at their highest potential, the organization isn’t either.

The buck stops with the ED. An Executive Director’s primary responsibility is to realize mission impact – primarily through other people – board, employees, volunteers, etc. Great leaders know how to mobilize, engage and grow their people to unlock their potential and maximize impact.

In other words, great leaders know that their people strategy is as important as their strategic plan. And yet, most organizations have a hefty strategic plan that defines how they take in funds, allocate programmatic resources, and grow their community impact, but very few have a people strategy that details how the organization will take in, allocate, and grow their human capital.

Charged with optimizing impact while constrained by limited resources, nonprofit ED’s can’t afford to overlook their greatest asset – their people. PeopleCap works with leaders to get the most out of their people in order to realize the full potential of their mission impact.

Through our experience working with leaders, we have developed 6 People Strategy Imperatives that form the basis of a People Strategy.

Those Imperatives are:6 Imperatives

Our blog, Peoplecap Playbook Nonprofit Edition, will explore each of these imperatives in more detail and give examples of how nonprofit leaders have unlocked their organization’s potential through focus and attention to each of these areas.

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