The PeopleCap Playbook

Timely insights and actionable people strategies for leaders.

PeopleCap helps organizations move forward with purpose.

As leaders face an overwhelming number of challenges and opportunities – two of the most common frustrations are the uncertainty and lack of control. Leaders want to know when this is going to end and what the world is going to look like on the other side. In many ways, both the present and the future seem out of their control.

PeopleCap helps leaders gain the clarity, control, and confidence needed to keep moving forward. We have a process for leaders to plan for likely scenarios based on what they do know and can control so organizations can continue to make progress and are prepared to pivot when the data shows a new scenario unfolding. We have shortened and modified our coaching partnerships to intensely focus on the clarity and capabilities most needed in this moment. And we have created a COVID-specific Pulse Check that is laser focused to provide the specific data leaders need about their people to make the best decisions.