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Retreat and Training Opportunities

Labor Day is behind us – ughhh, I know – which means the last part of the year will roll by quickly, as it always does. It also means it’s time to get your board retreat or team planning meeting on the calendar.

If you’re needing to plan for 2020 or just get everyone on the same page, schedule a retreat for 4th quarter.

If you want to kick off 2020 with a bang and generate some energy to start the year, schedule your retreat for January or February at the latest.

Whatever you need to focus on: schedule it now – it’s impossible to align calendars once fall gets into full swing.

And, of course, we’re here to help if you need an expert facilitator for your retreat or team meeting to:

  • Ensure your time is productive and moves the organization forward
  • Allow everyone to participate openly and equally
  • Create alignment and synergy
  • Work through sticky issues
  • Make decisions everyone can get behind
  • Stay at a strategic level and not get lost in the weeds
  • Generate renewed energy and commitment

We also conduct board and leadership team training.


  • How’d we miss that? Reduce board blinders and govern with clarity
  • Building the board you need
  • Shifting your board culture
  • Board fundamentals: getting back to basics to get to the next level

Leadership Team:

  • Taking it to the next level: trust is the foundation of a great team
  • Alignment leads to results: being on the same page and fully committed drives impact
  • Building your culture to achieve results
  • Sustainability: an energetic, creative, strategic mindset for the long-term

Set yourself up for a productive and momentum-building year-end! Carving out time to plan, get strategic, and gear up your board or team will help you leverage the next few months. Good luck – you’ve got this!