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What Have You Learned in 2020?

Your team has been through a ton. So much has happened, and for many organizations there has been no time to reflect. But as you’ve navigated this crisis, you have also learned a bunch.

A client was telling me how thrilled she is with the ways her organization stepped up to serve, changed how they did things in response to the crisis, ramped up quickly, and tossed out things that were slowing them down. They realized they had been operating less efficiently than they thought and when they streamlined communication, truly empowered their team members, and kept the focus on their priorities, they accomplished more than they could have imagined.

That’s amazing. Many of you have been pulling it out in incredible ways, doing things differently, and learning about your team’s strengths and challenges.

Like any great conference workshop, we have a tendency to slip back to our old habits when we get back to “regular life.” Your growth this year as a leader and as an organization has been too hard won to return to old ways. You have truly fought for every step forward.

Before this year ends, take the time to debrief with your team, capture what you’ve learned and decide what new habits, learning, ways of work you will commit to keeping and how you’ll hold yourselves accountable to those commitments.

I can facilitate you through this if you need someone to help bring some new energy and outside perspective to your debrief session. But you can also pull this off yourselves. Gather your team and ask these questions:

  • What did we do well this year?
  • What didn’t work?
  • How have we shifted our ways of work that makes us more productive or effective?
  • What do we want to make sure we keep doing?
  • What do we want to toss?
  • What are we committing to? How will we make sure we stick with it?

If this year has brought anything positive to our lives and work, it’s that we are capable of learning on the fly and adjusting to meet a new landscape. The lessons of 2020 have been tough but many have also been valuable. Don’t lose what you learned.

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