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We’ve Seen the Future, and it’s Flexible!

We are pleased to announce that the era of the open floor plan is over. Introverts, rejoice! No longer will you be forcibly over-exposed. And finally, we can all get something done around here! The future is here, and the future is flexible!

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the renowned Stanford University School of Design, or “D-School” for short. This think tank is re-thinking how we interact with our surroundings and devising spatial innovations for corporate settings, classrooms, and even our homes.

The common theme that cuts across all categories is flexibility:

  • Everything at the D-School is modular and on wheels for easy movement.
  • Each work space or room comes with a set of furniture that can be configured in multiple ways to best suit the user’s need whether that be individual work space, a conference table, a classroom setting, etc.
  • Handy maps on the walls suggest multiple configurations.
  • Stickers on the floor map the “re-set” or default setting to return the room to when you are finished with it.
  • Of course, all spaces come equipped with the latest technologies and mobile devices too.

A recent article in FastCompany suggests that in the future we might have “places to work, not workplaces.” FastCompany contends, “The best workplaces will have offices, rooms, and different quiet areas so that workers have choices to where they want to work.”

When we designed our offices at PeopleCap we made sure we had different types of spaces for different types of work. Our conference rooms are equipped with Apple TV and conference phones for collaborating in person, on the phone or on the screen. Our individual offices offer maximum individual productivity. And our open living room space fosters creativity and conversation.

The reality is that work comes in a lot of shapes and sizes; we need spaces that do too!