We are people experts with a passion for helping organizations thrive.

About PeopleCap

We’re about the people side of business. We work with growing companies that value their people as their greatest asset. We offer strategic HR consulting services focused in the areas of human capital, culture, leadership, and organizational development.  Our clients range from publicly traded companies to private equity/venture capital-backed high-growth startups to high-impact nonprofit organizations.

We are not career consultants. Our expertise comes from our decades of working as executives and board members in and for high-growth organizations. We understand that no two organizations are alike, which is why all of our solutions are customized to fit each client’s unique culture, business strategy, and resources.

Unlike many consultants, we do not simply drop off a laundry list of unrealistic recommendations and leave. We work with you to develop an ongoing strategy with action steps that fit your company, then stay engaged as a partner to help you successfully execute the plan and adjust it when circumstances change.

Our Team

Beth Brock

Operations & Finance Manager


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